Location / Facilities
Standort / Ausstattung

With our headquarters in Aachen/Herzogenrath we have chosen a location in the heart of Europe, of which all our European customers are accessible within a radius of 600 km. The excellent infrastructure of our location with its short access to motorway and having several airports within easy reach (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Amsterdam, Maastricht / Aachen and Brussels) enables us to visit our global customers within a short time for important and necessary face-to-face meetings, or to present our project results at our corporate headquarters.

Due to our proximity to the internationally well-known universities of Aachen and the large number of technology-oriented companies in the surrounding area, we are able to increase our core team at short notice, and access the good technology infrastructure for interdisciplinary topics.

Our equipment is perfectly customized to your needs and covers the entire spectrum of development tools - CAD systems, computation and simulation software, prototyping machines, test benches for engines, components and overall development of engine control units.