Since the establishment of Meta in 1992, our team has been growing steadily and now consists of approximately 100 dedicated employees.

The managing directors Nie Botang and Dr. Joachim Reinicke, well-experienced in the automotive industry, are leading the company based on a lean management structure.

We can take advantage of years of experience and specialization of many of our engineers and technicians in engine development.

Our employees work in the following fields of activities: concept and design, calculation and simulation, thermodynamics and combustion process development, mechanical development, electronics development and vehicle application. The prototype development is applied in the departments of manufacturing, quality control and assembly.

To pursue your development tasks, target-oriented and fast, dedicated teams will be established for your specific projects from the pool of meta-specialists and staff, led by an experienced project manager. This allows us to work on different tasks always professionally, interdisciplinary and multidimensionally.

For our teams, we promote a spirit of friendly and cooperative interaction - this also benefits you and your project.