Strategic Consultancy
Strategic Consultancy

Competence in Consultancy. Strategic and Foresighted.

Before the development of a new technology, a complete system or component, it is necessary to identify their purpose, benefits and targets. Besides the impact on the market and competition must be evaluated. In this regard our 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and in strategic consultancy will pay off for you.

Our cooperations with the worldwide automotive, engine, and supplier industry enable us to track all the trends and keep our know-how always up to date. We know the current and future requirements for internal combustion engines and configure your products accordingly. Capably we accompany our customers from day one – from project planning up to creation of project-related requirement specifications.

Market Analysis

Our global network helps us to identify trends in the automotive field quickly. This allows us to assess precisely, how these trends will affect the requirements of future products. Analyzing current market data is part of our daily tasks. We are glad to demonstrate the effects of technical and non-technical factors on future markets to you as our customer.

Get a picture of, whether your product will meet the demands of future markets. We will help you in this initial phase of the project to evaluate your product and classify it with regard to your competitors. Take access to our analytical expertise as early as possible, to stay one development step ahead of your competitors.


Benchmarking plays an essential role. Both, as base for development of new technologies, for development of components, as well as for comparison with existing products, we use this analytical tool. The study of existing competitive products gets more and more important especially in light of the shortening of product development cycles.

To stay competitive, we offer you our expertise. We analyze product-specific data and group your new products using our internal database. Our capabilities include the analysis of the characteristics of vehicles, engines, individual systems, such as oil pumps, and components using various test equipment to analyze design, functions, and performance.

Concept Studies

In order to develop new engine technologies, it is necessary to evaluate the potentials, cost-benefit relation, and potential risks early. Using a concept or feasibility study, we verify that your new product is realisible. We rely on our technical expertise as well as the results of our market analysis and benchmarking.

Based on design concepts and simulation, we can demonstrate the future product features early and accurately. The results of these studies will provide the necessary know-how to develop a comprehensive specification for viable new products.