Competence in Testing. Exact and Measurable.

Testing is a very important part of our portfolio. With our modern facilities we cover all testing areas - from component testing for the analysis of components and assemblies to dyno testing for the thermodynamic analysis of engines. Durability tests are performed to investigate components and engine durability. Finally, the vehicle application - here we are integrating engines in test vehicles and work out the functional calibration.

To be in conformity with the different inspection targets of our customers, we are able to adapt our test benches to your individual requirements and provide the specific measurement equipment according the engine-specific development tasks. Qualified engineers and technicians supervise all test runs at the test benches.

Component Testing

On our mechanical test rigs, equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology, a towing capacity of up to 65 kW, and media conditioning, we examine all the engine components and assemblies. By means of contacting and contactless measurement techniques and fast signal acquisition systems, we are testing, for example, valve trains, chain drives, oil pumps, camshafts, crankshafts and fuel injection systems, in terms of function, friction, vibration, wear, oil consumption and acoustics.

Engine Testing

Our dyno test benches allow for the execution of all engine test procedures necessary for an up-to-date engine development. The modular layout of the test rigs enables us to adapt them to the customer needs and equip them individually. Possible test parameters include break power and torque measurements, up to 16 channel cylinder pressure indication, oil and cooling water conditioning, gravimetric or volumetric measurement of fuel consumption, and exhaust gas and particle measurement.

For these engine tests we are utilizing in-house developed data acquisition and processing systems as well as special measuring systems such as blow-by measurement, injection pressure indication or data logger.

In order to shorten development times - especially in technology-oriented development projects  - often our engineers are joining the test bench work. Thus, already during the measurement procedure, they can interpret the results and derive immediate next steps.

Durability Testing

Depending on the individual application, durability testing performed either on mechanical test benches or dyno test rigs.

According to customer requirements various load and speed profiles can be provided by the test stand control. Thus, a semi- or fully automatic operation is possible.

Through visual and sensorial remote monitoring of the endurance test subjects, we can detect immediately deviations of the test stand control or irregular operations. After completing the investigations, we also offer you to verify the components and assemblies.

Vehicle Application

Our application engineers deal everyday with function development and calibration of control systems and the buildup and testing of demonstrator vehicles. We develop specific control modules and strategies for new systems for the internal combustion engine and implement it into the engine management system.

For benchmark tests, we equip vehicles and engines with our measurement technique (ECU-Scan) to gain important data about the functioning, the potential and the control of new engine technologies. Taking account of package boundary conditions, we incorporate new technology into your test vehicles, prepare appropriate wiring harnesses, and do the application and calibration work. Based on our extensive experience in commercial vehicle and passenger car sector, we can perform fuel consumption and emissions certification in cooperation with our certified partners.