Testing Services

Testing Services

With our modern Test Center we offer complete testing facilities for engines, powertrains, vehicles and components. All test benches are equipped with

- Transient Operation Capability and Full Media Conditioning

- Air and Exhaust Mass Measurement

- Fuel Consumption and Emissions (gaseous, PM, PN) Measurement

- Cylinder Pressure Indication, Pressure or Temperature Measurement

- Blow-by and Oil Content Measurement

Powertrain test benches are additionally equipped with battery simulation and power analyzers.

The portfolio covers

- 1-Axle Test Benches for Combustion Development and Testing

- 2-Axle Test Benches for Powertrain/Hybrid Development and Testing

- Vehicle Test Bench

- Component Test Benches for Function Development and Testing

In cooperation with our engineering partners, we also offer individually configured test bench solutions to our customers which meet state-of-the-art testing requirements.