The optimal charging of internal combustion engines is a current and future key technology for efficient power trains with the attempt to fulfill comfort and performance requirements.

Through innovative strength and experience, Meta has generated new advanced charging techniques.


The Super Charger developed by Meta is a compact mechanical charging device for internal combustion engines, which is characterized by a rapid response, charging pressures of up to 5 bar and an efficiency of up to 85 %. The patented mass-balanced drive allows a very small package to integrate the charger including intercooler into the intake system of an internal combustion engine.

This charging system, compared to state-of-the-art systems, advantageously provides high boost pressures over the entire engine speed range.

Advanced Charging Technologies

Charging has a significant influence on the efficiency and characteristics of internal combustion engines. The established technology of single turbocharging leads to a lack of torque in the particularly relevant operating ranges of low engine speeds (turbo leak). The combination of our advanced charging technologies with a single turbo results in a significant increase of low-end torque. This allows a maximum utilization of the potential of downsizing and downspeeding. This means that the torque curve of a complex multi-turbocharger arrangement can be surpassed with less effort.